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Re: I wish I had good credit because...

Mike_B03 wrote:

Aside from just having it, because it's good to have, what are you most looking forward to having good credit for?


Personally for me, it's to be able to get an airline rewards card (United/Star Alliance). Chase used to have a debit card but they did away with it, we used to talk all of our trips using the points (lots of business expenses) and it's been such a bummer without it, we'd have at least a two free roundtrip tickets to Europe every two years, plus a domestic ticket yearly.


Can't wait until I'm able to apply and get approved for one, they seem to be pretty hard to get though. Smiley Sad

FYI Bank of America has a rewards DEBIT card with Alaska Airlines, and you can use the miles to codeshare with other airlines :-)

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