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Sent DV -- CA will delete, already disputed with CRA

Hi all seasoned credit veterans


I sent a DV to a CA for two open accounts.  About one week prior to sending the DV I disputed the accounts with all 3 CRAs.


First, the response was a bit cagey.  They did agree to remove the lines.  The response was the same as seen in this thread:


My question is this -- I've already disputed these lines with all 3 CRAs.  If the CA deletes, what happens to the open disputes?  I understand I shouldn't have disputed without sending the DV, but I started the dispute process prior to finding this site and getting educated.


I'm just concerned the dispute may hold up the delete.





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Re: Sent DV -- CA will delete, already disputed with CRA

It is possible that it may delay the deletions.  However don't worry about it.  Just watch your CRs.

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