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Re: WHY pay a CA or JDB when it won't improve your score?

Regardless of who owns or is attempting to collect, unpaid delinqent debt lives until satisfied.


Expiration of SOL provides an absolute affirmative defense should you be sued, so that threat can go away.


Expiration of credit report exclusion periods will thereafter block others from gaining knowledge of the unpaid debt by making an inquiry and receiving your credit report.

However, their are other possiblities for future creditors or businesses to become aware of its presence.  For example, affiliate sharing of information or simply asking if you app for new credit whether you have any unpaid, delinquent debt.  Stating no based on CR exclusion might be a bit less than honest.


Additionally, debt collectors can continue to take any legal means to collect the debt, such as letters or CR inquiries.  You can block communications from them by sending a cease communication letter under FDCPA 805(c), but cant prevent legitimate pulls of your CR.


And finally, there is the moral issue of obligation.