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Re: Health > FICO = Break

Update:  Unfortunately I did not reach my goals of paying everything down as I intended <BOO HISS> due to more ... yup ... dental garbage.  It seems the little gang of wisdom teeth hammering away in my mouth did a bit of damage requiring another bone graft and a dual sinus lift.  Yes.  I can tell you: not fun.  So basically as I've paid down the credit used to take care of these issues I've simply had to place more right back on the cards so ... the CareCredit is currently at 90% as well as the others: overall util: 93%.  Now *that* hurts.  But you know, Health > FICO.

Fortunately through all of this I've been able to PIF a CA (Portfolio Recovery) and last week sent out GW's to them and the OC (Chase Bank).  Meanwhile, I've cut my entire budget back to enable me to pay off everything as soon as possible.  When my overall util hit a horrible 97% my FICOs dropped to as low as 514.  Yes.  I wept.

Now I am back up to 542, everything is being "Paid as Agreed" so I am confident once I have my util back to acceptable norms I should once again see my FICOs jump back up.  And who knows - if these two baddies are removed (it will leave me with 3) and my util returns to the 9% average I'll hop into the upper 600's.  Then one by one those other baddies will be hacked away to the point I'm thrown into a nicer bucket.  Perhaps that pewter credit bucket I saw once rather than this tin bucket I'm splashing around in?  Oh well - keepin' up the faith and in the meantime ... Receiving a surgically broken jaw though the entire ordeal.  Wow ... now this has truly been a life lesson: Get baddies on your CR and get your jaw broken :-O

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