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Garnishment was how I discovered a Judgement against me. Need some advice.

Dynamic Collectors, Inc Sent a writ if garnishment (certified letter)  to a house I have not lived in for the past 5 years. A "Helpful" friend living there signed it and gave it to me. (Mid Nov) I checked the my credit report and there was a judgement for 650 dollars awarded to Dynamic Collectors on 6/12.

Now the writ shows a 1440 dollar judgement plus misc fees adding up to 1675 dollars.

This does not make any sense to me because:

1. I never received a summons to go defend myself or was even aware of them wanting money

2. The judgment amount on my reports don't match the garnishment amount.


They started taking 25% of my paycheck. This Friday will be the last 100 dollars to be taken.

I have been tempted to Call Dy C to see what this is all about but I have a medical bill from them  with a SOL up on 1/13 and dont want to wake that up.


I was thinking about waiting until the 2/13 (in 2 weeks) and going to county clerk and asking for proof that I was served and starting a Vacate procedure.

Anybody of you credit gurus have any solid advice on this? The judgement is keeping from getting a VA home loan.


I have 3 collections with this company. 2 Are weird because they list the same hospital. Different balances. All the same dates except The Date of first delinquency is 8 months apart. .And none of these match or added together for amount from the judgement either.


Thank you

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