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Re: Garnishment was how I discovered a Judgement against me. Need some advice.

I have the same situation, I have a garnishment coming out of my personal checking account. I didn't realize they can garnish my account until I opened my account. Anyways they tried taking the while amount but fortunitely I didn't have much money in my account. I called them and immediately made payment arrangements base on your budget. I don't have much knowledge about judgements but still learning.


      From what I know, you could call your County where is was filed and request for a motion to vacate judgement. Fill it out and most likely if they don't vacate it then they'll schedule a new court date and them you can plea your case. Since you've been paying them, I don;t think you can dispute because by paying them you claim the judgement is valid. Unless you have proof that the judgement isn't yours. My situation, I originally owe them $400, now with interest and other fees, it's upto $700. From my understanding, I can negotiate a one time payment in full for for no more than 50% of total due. Most likely they'll work with you just to close out the account. I hope this helps. Good Luck!!!