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Rebuilding - Need Help
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Hello All!


I am in the process of rebuilding my credit which took a hit after leaving the country and eventually not being able to make pmts. There are a few items in my report that I need to take care of. One of them is the Charge off by Capital one. The acct shows as a charge off, however, there is no additional CA entry on my report for this account as I worked with Nelson Watson and Associates to start making payments (now I know its a bad idea). I have been making those small pmts for over a year. I have saved enough to PIF, however, my question is wether I can strike a PFD with them? can OC remove a charge-off? or are they required by law to stay there?


I also have 3 other accts that are reflecting both a CO and CA entries each. Should I keep making pmts on my Capital One and try to PFD one or two of these three instead?


SOL for Cap One is out of the question since I am making pmts, DOFD for other three is showing as 09/2009 (EAF LLC), 10/2009 (Pinnacle Credit Services), and 03/2010 (Asset Acceptance) on EQ CR. SOL in my state is 4 years for credit card debt. Even if they go by DoFD for SOL, I have another 9-14 months for those accounts. I would rather be done with them by then. I also have an old ATT bill via EOS that is showing up, however, I am working on PFD'ing that already. 


- I never heard anything from EAF

- Pinnacle has Vision Financial collecting for them. They sent me an offer 07/12, 08/12 I counter-offered a lower amt for PFD, 10/12 I send the offer again (CMRRR both times). Nothing so far. They do call me, well, my Google voice number quite a bit.

- Asset Acceptance might have sent me a letter or two. Do not remember for certain, but I have not heard from them for quite some time.


Any input would be appreciated!