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Re: Security Clearance
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I was the director of a national security organization within the federal government where all my employees were requried to have a security clearance, and was directly involved in the clearance process hundreds of times.  I muself held a top secret clearance.


First and formost, I strongly echo the advice to always be complete and honest, as any attempt to conceal will almost always be a show-stopper.

Wanting to hide something makes you susceptible.


I have had employees with more serious background issues approved up to the secret level, with a lot of explanation, but background investigations at the TS level are tough.  Clearances in my area did not relate to access to financial information.

Security clearances are approved based on both the background of the applicant and the information to which access is being granted.  They are dependent upon job requirements.  If the job involves feduciary responsibility, prior credit history could weigh heavily.. If not, it might not be significant.. 


I suggest speaking with the security officer at the agency for which the clearance is being requested, and see what types of criteria they specify.

Ii is possible that an unpaid debt could be one of those.