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Re: Garnishment was how I discovered a Judgement against me. Need some advice.

Thanks for your input guys. Thought I would give you an update. Called County clerks and it turns out this was some old court cost I forgot to pay from 2008. There was a Summary Judgement and I dont even have to be present for that. (Thats why I was never served papers) She said a Vacate was not an option because I have already been to court in 2008. I wondering if this can be reported on my Credit report as a recent judgement like it is? It would take 7 more years to fall off. The original debt was in 2008. If it has to stay on, it would be nice to see it as 2008 and Satisfied instead.

Another thing is the debt is not matching the judgement. (Docket number is correct minus one letter) Im not sure where the 650 figure that all 3 of my reports have on them come from? It not the original debt before the 12% apr and other fees either. Im guessing my best plan of action now is to dispute this with the CRAs.

Anymore advice?

Thanks, Scott

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