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Proffessional account management CA - read this

I have a red light ticket on my credit report the subline line CA has posted and on the Washingon DC /MVA webiste it states this:


If my ticket account gets listed with a credit bureau, how do I get it cleared?

Normal practice in the credit reporting industry is to retain a reported debt in history for a period of seven years, even if a debt is paid during this period.  In its current contract with the District of Columbia Office of the Chief Financial Officer, the collection agency has agreed to automatically send an account delete record to the credit bureaus that it utilizes.  This means that the record of your delinquent debt should disappear from credit bureau records within two to four weeks after payment in full is made.  All communication concerning the status of your tickets with credit bureaus should be directed to Professional Account Management, L.L.C. 


Do I still need to send a PFD or is this enough protection?

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