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Re: Our Credit Rebuilding Journey-Please help!!!!

Making steady progress! I absolutely love that we applied for credit and were approved. I plan to garden the new accounts, keeping utlization low. Continue to build savings...$12,000 saved in 1 year, plus 3000 or so in debt that we paid off. Plan is to save at least that much this year and possibly more since we do not/will not have debt to pay off.


Goal is 67k saved by June 2015. 60k for downpayment and 7k for closing or whatever else may occur.



My debts:

I originally had 5 collections, 2 chargeoff's and 1 auto loan with lates  


Therefore I have 5 negatives left on my credit report: (2 CA's, 2 CO's, 1 auto loan with lates)


Creditor Name: AFNI
Original Creditor Name: AMP D MOBILE
Amount: 1044 set to fall off 6/2014


Creditor Name: MIDLAND FUND
Original Creditor Name: CAPITAL ONE BANK USA N A
Amount: 1515 set to fall off 5/2015


2 charge offs Credit card accounts from HSBC(2004)set to fall off 7/2014 and CAP1(2003) set to fall off 5/2015 various 30,60,90,120 lates in 2007-before that good history


I had a car loan 6/2005-6/2010 with (9) 30 days late (3)2010 (5)2009 (1)2008 all positive before


Positive Accounts:

I have one current auto installment loan current/never late as of 6/2011- refied to a lower rate still current :smileyhappy:


Jcpenny(2001)   0/1000  Never Late

CreditOneBank (2009) 0/900 Never Late increase of 150 about to cancel this card once my Citi AU ages a year

Best Buy MC (2011)   0/500 Never Late

Macys (2006) 0/2700 Never Late

Capital1 (2012) 0/1000 Never Late

Lane Bryant (2012) 0/500 Never Late

Walmart (2012) 1000/3000

Citi (AU-Hubby) 0/4200-not reporting yet but will be soon!


Total utlization ~10% (without Citi) will be 7-9% by Feb...where it will stay!!!!!!! 



SO here is the plan for me:

-Pay for delete Midland and AFNI---Still working on this  May Possibly pay and then just goodwill we shall see.

-Pay down CC to 9%- raise all credit limits with soft pulls ROCKIN" THIS!!!!!!!!

-Goodwill chargeoffs and auto loans---taking a break from this for a while since it's not working!!!





Now for my hubbies:


He originally had 8 negative/collection acts and 2 Chargeoffs:


and as of 12/15/12 He will only have a HSBC chargoff!!! I got the rest off with some PFD and DV's!!!:smileyhappy:


I've added him to 3 of my oldest cards

Walmart (2012)   0/400 Never Late


Ge Amazon (2013)1700

Ge SleepTrain(2013) 3000

Citi (2013)4200


SO here is the plan for hubby:

Garden his accounts and make sure utilzation is under 9% which will make his score go up!

Starting Scores:
Lender Pull 7/10/2012 EQ 585 EX 617 TU 551
8/2012 MyFico EX 598 01/2013 EX 608 2/2013 EX 620 Smiley Surprised)
9/12/2012 624 (Fico Discover)
02/7/2013 660 (Fico Wally)
At least I'm heading in the right direction!!!

Goal Score:740+, home loan and Get rid of subprime cards!!!