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Asset Acceptance won't accept payment!
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Hello All


I am trying to get pre approved for a mortgage and have one blemish left on my reports which is a BOA Credit Card chargeoff that was sold to Asset Acceptance. I contacted Asset Acceptance through the BBB and AG of Michigan for Debt Validation. The debt came back verified so I accepted that it was mine and called Asset Acceptance to make a settlement payment. Per their customer service, they can no longer accept payment or even speak about my debt due to being past SOL! I just pulled my credit reports and they are still reporting an unpaid collection under a "factoring company account." I am so frustrated since I am here to pay a debt and now your telling me I can't! Wake me up because this has to be a NIGHTMARE. They claim the debt is past SOL and they have to close the ACCT. This is so bad.


Are they going to report as a closed unpaid with 0 balance or what?? The original Creditor already reports as CHARGEOFF SOLD TO ANOTHER LENDOR!


Wow i didnt even get a chance!


Any advice be would greatly appreciated

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