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Re: Anyone have luck with BBB complaints?

RobertEG wrote:

In the pecking order of addressing issues over credit reporting, BBB complaints are not a part of the formal process, so their impact is solely dependent upon how the creditor/debt collector views their businsess reputation.


Any violation of either the FDCPA or FCRA is delegated under those statutes for admin review by way or complaint to the FTC.

If the violation relates to accuracy of credit reporting, the FCRA dispute process is available.


Since neifther of those processes provide a party to decide differences of facts, once exhausted, the final remedy is to get the issue before the court.

Food for thought.  I'm on the fence with regard to the courts in this case, as the effort v. benefit ratio isn't very favorable.  My hope is someone at a high enough level will see the information and agree to delete it for me.  Have complaints to the FTC been fruitful?

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