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Re: LVNV Slayed!!

RobertEG wrote:

I hope that your complaint centered on their practice of reporting as a creditor, and thus having an installment loan obligation with the consumer?

It would be great to know if they are backing off of that tactic!

That was not the full basis of my complaint.  I had sent multiple DV letters that went unanswered.  I disputed them with CRA's several times to no avail and they kept reporting back that everything was correct and being reported correctly.  They rebutted to my initial submission with a copy of the dunning letter they supposedley sent me, which had an incorrect address on it.  I knew I had a shot after seeing that.  I also requested through the BBB the MOV for the debt and received the above answer from them.  I'd be happy to PM that rebuttal letter to anyone interested in fighting these SOB's.

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