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Verizon collection help (again).
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First and foremost, many, many thanks in advance!


So my situtation is very similar to someone who posted about his mother moving out of the country and forgeting a bill.


I did the same thing. I left the US thinking I had cancelled my bill but I hadn't. My mail was forwarded to my friend but according to her nothing from Verizpn ever arrived. Verizon never emailed me.


So, about 2 days ago my friend sent me an email with an attachement showing the letter from a collection agency.


I looked up my fico score and see that is now below 700 (don't think that has ever been the case). This is the first "ding" on my account in its 12 year history.


The only thing that is showing up on my fico report is from Verizon. There is nothing from the collection agency. As a matter of fact, the collection agency swore up and down that they themselves never report to the credit agencies.


I'm curious as to what I should do know? PFD letter to Verizon?