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Re: It MUST be time to file taxes, the settlement offers are arriving....

fishbjc wrote:

I've been offered two settlements so far, my balance with LVNV is $2200, they offered $1495.  A medical at 20% off (not reporting), and VW offered a savings of $1,000 for my lease turn-in.  it's what I've been waiting for.  It's not reporting and I've been paying $100 a month on it.  I've turned my taxes in and should be a nice refund since I've paid the Federal an additional $3k. they have to tell me, up front, if they are doing a 1099?  Or should I get LVNV under $600?

Are you outside the SOL on the LVNV?  If so, point out that they only paid $66 bucks for the account, anything more than that number is gravy for them.  Then low ball them.  They may try to say they will ask the OC, but likely, the OC won't see a dime of the money.  So tell them you're onto that scam as well.  Then gradually increase the amount you will offer, while at the same time increasing the requirements on them.  $100 for PIF, $200 for PIF with deletion,  $300 for PIF, deletion, no 1099.  You get the idea.

I negotiated contracts with lawyers for a living for 20+ years.  I always won.