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Re: Can a credit score get really high with...

I am sure I will hear it for this, but I have no prob disputing any and everything.  They put collections on your credit report to get your attention and get it paid.  I think it's only fair that when they are taken care of (especially in full) that they should delete them.  

The credit system is ridiculous anyway.  How is it that my 18 year old daughter gets added as an AU on 5 of MY cards that I've taken care of responsibly, comes out with a 720 and can get pretty much whatever card she can qualify for income wise, based on MY credit, but because of past mistakes, which I've since paid off in full plus some, I have to wait for them to age off?  I will never understand this concept.

Sigh. Starting over...Chap7 discharge 7/29/15 scores as of 11/19: tr535/eq574/ex579