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SO bummed! She said no :(

Some of you may remember my thread about trying for GW deletion for San Mateo County reporting of a ticket.  I had already written 2 letters and been told "we don't do that" by a revenue officer.  I found an email address for the SMC Treasurer and emailed her my GW and she responded that she was OOO and would get back to me Wed.  Well, she responded last night and said no.   Actually, she gave me the bit about it being illegal to delete from CR.


Here's what she said:


It appears that as a result of your non-payment of the tickets issued and the subsequent forwarding of your account for collection, this information was submitted to the credit reporting agencies.
Unfortunately, by law, we are unable to remove your information unless we were found to have made an error when initially reporting your account to them.  As you are aware, this was not the case.  There are no exceptions to this law.  Also, by law, once reported to a credit rating agency, your information must remain in their records for seven (7) years.  Once the seven years has expired,  the credit rating agencies will remove all reference to this collection item.
What we can do, is contact the credit rating agencies and advise them to post on your account that monies due to the County of San Mateo have been paid in full.  Anyone checking your credit rating would clearly see this statement.  This would be the extent to which I would be able to assist you, legally.
I apologize that I cannot provide the assistance you seek and wish you well in your efforts to keep your accounts current.

This has really taken the wind out of my sails. I'm so bummed about it.  I guess I shouldn't have allowed myself to be so hopeful.   It's my most recent one and will be on my credit until 5/2018.  Smiley Sad

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