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Anyone have GW/PFD emails for Diversified, IC Systems, or Professional Acct Mgmt

Hey everyone.


I really could use some help asap

I have paid in full with the following CA's and need to try to goodwill them ASAP. I am hoping to obtain a mortgage within the next 2-3 months and am hoping to get these items deleted within the next moth.

If anyone could PM me information (email addresses, phone numbers, names, even physical addresses) that could be used to help me get these GW'd off, I would greatly greatly appreciate it.


If you had success getting PFDs with these CA's, can you please share with me who you talked with. I tried that and was unsuccessul.. thus me paying in full and now hoping I can get them off through Goodwill letters/emails/ etc

Just for clarification, I need help with the following CA's:

IC Systems (old banfield account - paid in full)

Diversified Adjustments (old sprint bill - paid in full)

Professional Account Management (parking ticket from city of Detroit - paid in full)