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Re: HIPAA or PDF Medical CA

Thank you RobertEG.


I saw on my EQ report where DOFD was 11/2010, I thought maybe in 11/2013 the SOL would be up and I could dispute, but now I see "Expiration of a state statute of limitations is not basis for compelling deletion of any accurate credit reporting."  I am still learning what the best approach is for CR exclusion.


"So it remains a legally undecided interpretation of the HIPAA statute that would not, in my opinion, be my bedrock in pursuing credit report deletion."  A suggested reading from this forum was to google 'whychat' and HIPAA, they make it seem like it is a golden egg for removing medical CA's.


I do not want to "get one over" on any legitimate debt.  I am starting a new job Monday.  I will be financially ready in the next month or two to take responsibility.  My past has been rough, but things are starting to look up :smileyhappy: