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Re: Is this even legal? Re: Midland

I have 2 accounts with Midland, one was still on the CRA when they first called. They refused to give me a DV. I've been making payments for about 2 years now and I know their amount is quite a lot higher than what I owed , but they never told me the original amount. A few months later they called me on another account, not on CRA, with another exorbitant amount. This had been a secured card. Not only can I not get a DV, I can't find out if I've gotten credit for the secured amount. Neither account is being reported at this time. I've had nothing but trouble from Midland. They don't keep to their payment arrangements, they stop my automatic payments and demand a different payment or account due in full, different agents will call and tell me the previous arrangements I made weren't legal. I'm on Social Security, I'm paying voluntarily. They can't garnish my check. They can't legal sue me, these accounts are past the statutes of limitations. Can I stop making the payments? I don't like the way I'm being treated and being charged many times more than I owe without proof. They refuse to provide any accounting.