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Re: PFD Verizon
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You are asking for two concessions on their part.... CR deletion and settlement for less.


You can, of course, always include both, and get a response. With two negotiation concessions, you may not know which is a show-stopper on their part.

You might then have to decide which is more important to you... CR deletion or satisfaction of the debt, and back off of one or the other in your counter-offer.

The advantages of CR deletion are obvious.

The possible advantage of setting without CR deletion is a bit murkier, as it depends upon their next action.  They could, at any time, charge-off the debt, refer to a debt collector or sell the debt, resulting in a possible charge-off and/or collection reporting. They could also, depending upon the SOL status of the debt, choose to initiate legal action.  Lots of options on their part of which you dont have control.  With protracted offers and counter-offers, they may choose to act on their own.


Maybe someone with specific experience in negotiating with V can give some insight into their usual conduct... do they retain collection, or normally refer to a debt collector?

Are they inclined to bring legal action?