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Where to begin? Or am I doing all I can?
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Hello everyone. Have lurked here for a while, and decided to register & post. :-) 


A little bit about 'my situation'. I'm almost 27 years old, and have ended up in a pickle.


In 2004 I started college > 2005 I left and started working for Company XYZ. (ficticious name, of course) 


Ended up with a Bank of America Worldpoints Visa (still have to this day), and 2 American Express Cards - Platinum and Blue. Platinum was for "work" since I travelled a lot, company reimbursed me (you'll read soon, why this was important). They didn't give a corporate card to us (unfortunately). 


In 2006 - bought a new car, so - auto loan.

In 2007 - I left company XYZ, and due to the circumstances of my departure, they wouldn't reimburse for the last 30 some odd days of charges, so I defaulted on a near $32,000 Amex Platinum bill.. I paid off my Blue, but Amex suspended it when the check didn't come for the Plat. Legal recourse to the company for reimbursement was unsuccessful.


Later that year, I voluntarily repo'ed my car. And stopped paying my student loans. I was unemployed until circa 2011. 


In 2008 (I believe) Amex had me served and placed a judgement (or lein, I forget ; I don't own anything, so it's just sitting on my credit). And the student loan companies have sent me to collections numerous times. 


All told, my credit score lives in the 427-527 range for the most part. 


I have somewhere between 65-70k in student loan debt, 32k to amex, and 15k-ish to the auto loan company. 


I work, full time and have managed to keep some cards - Sam's Club Credit (not the discover one; private label), a Best Buy Card (also private label), my BofA visa (best interest rate card I have), 2 CapOne cards and a HSBC card. With exeception to the Sams card, limits are 300 to 750$ (perfectly acceptable for me)


I pay each month, not in full, but not minimums, and do well with them.


Sorry for the long post and the excesive line breaks, I get nervous on forums with long paragraphs. I suppose I'm curious, beyond what I'm doing now, is there anything I can do to help that score come up? I probably couldn't get an apartment if I tried, definitely not a mortgage or auto loan. Amex refuses to deal w/ any payment arrangements now since a judgement has been served. The student loan companies (after numerous negotiations) refuse to work out payments I can actually afford (which is fair, in a way)... they want $600+ a month. And the auto company wants payment in full. 


Any advice is appreciated. At 26, it's stressful, but since it's been going on so long - I've become accustomed to it.