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Re: Where to begin? Or am I doing all I can?
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First of all, welcome! I'm new here too...with that being said, all i can tell you is the info I've learned in the short amount of time that I've been reading the forum. 


I can totally relate. I'm the same age and have a similar history. First order of business is to make sure your current cards are paid down to under 9%. That's supposed to be the quickest "bang for your buck" as far as your score/report are concerned. I'd recommend putting as much money as you can towards those to get to that point. What kind of student loans do you have. If they're federal, you should be able to get them rehabbed or consolidated.  I just recently put some of my loans in rehab and they were very understanding with how much I felt I could comfortably afford each month. Rehab is the best option for student loans for long term credit repair. I also consolidated 2 of my loans and felt that I had more control over the amount of my monthly payments. That could just have more to do with the actual agencies I'm working with rather than the rehab vs consolidation differences. 

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