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Re: Where to begin? Or am I doing all I can?

Well...You really are in a pickle.


Because of the size of those debts, they won't go away easily.


These are my suggestions:


1. Treat your credit cards like gold! It will be a long time before you are able to get any new ones. Make sure you use these cards gently at least every 3 months so the lenders don't close them for lack of use. Your credit cards are a bright spot in your otherwise bad credit situation. They will report good credit behavior every month and will help to nudge your scores up over time.


2. Get all your student loans into rehab and make sure to pay them on time or early from here on out.


3. The AMEX judgement and car repo. I don't know what to say except you might want to talk to an attorney about this. These are very serious and won't go away easily. Perhaps somebody else on this forum has better advice on this matter than I do.

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