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Re: Where to begin? Or am I doing all I can?

Thanks for the info everyone... 


My student loans are mostly private, some are federal tho. They've been accruing in the "pot of debt" for some odd years now, and well, I'm not keen on trying to work with them anymore. We've been thru the consolidation with the loan companies, re-fi, and payment arrangements and it's just not feasible to pay them. I honestly don't make enough money... Which is to say, even if I had no monthly bills (mobile phone, credit card, etc), I couldn't afford to pay them what they will take. 


For the judgement, the repo is just a collection's thing. They haven't served me and are attempting to settle (this month) for about $12,500 (roughly).... 2 months ago it was $14k. No, I'm not waiting for it to go to 500 bucks or something, hah, that's unrealistic. I just don't have 12,000 dollars to give them. 


I've thought about BK. But the primary reason I've not done it, even after talking to an attorney is the student loans. They  are next to impossible to discharge, and tho it can be done, it's incredibly difficult and rare. Why file for BK when the loans will continue to ruin things for as long as they aren't paid? It's a bit of a catch 22. A BK will devastate my credit, beyond what has already been done, but you can come out of it. Student loans don't go away.