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Re: Lenghty Equifax file and possible split file?

My file is in the exact same situation. They removed 9 positive trade lines in one day from me. 11 different CS reps told me they do not remove positive trade lines and it was the credit grantor's that did it. Yeah right. I called the executive offices last month and left a message and all nine TL's were put back on in two days. Well fast forward to yesterday and they were all gone again!!!!

Well turns out the my file space is all but gone. So even one inquiry will remove them all again. They were only able to put  five back on. They said they could not put the other four back on because there was no room. I asked her what am I supposed to do never pull my file again? She basically said yes or until some of my soft inquires fall off. She said they removed all the inquires that they could.

I checked through their dispute process a lot to see if negatives were removed and to see if my positive trade lines were still there. I was not trying to use the B* like a lot of people do to remove hard inquires either. I only have two hards anyways. I just wish they would state somewhere that if you get to many soft pulls, that you can end up having many positive accounts removed!

I am going to call them back in June and see if there is room for the other four before I try and buy a home. Oh and having the 9 removed cost me 29 points. It just destroyed my AAoA. I wish I could check my score now with at least five of them put back on today to see how many points I got back. Though I can not check because it will remove my accounts!!!!!!!!!