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Tax Liens

I have a bunch of tax liens on my credit report. Where can I look to see exactly what they are listed as and how much they are for?  Can that be done at the local court house?


Those are the last things that I need to take care of on my road to credit recovery. I haven't bothered researching this because I just don't have the money to pay them. Between personal state and federal taxes from a few years and some business related taxes (withholding and sale tax), I'm going to guess that the total is in the $20-$25k range. Most of it is listed as non-collectable at this time. I just have to work on getting the business taxes listed as that if they already aren't.  


I've heard that you can make an offer in compromise.  Pretty much see if they will accept a lower amount and forgive the rest to be done with it. Something that I've thought about but i don't even have the money to do that. If anyone has gone this route, is there usually a certain % that they will accept.  I guess the only way to possibly have these liens removed from my credit reports is to settle with them?



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