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Re: Tax Liens

TU and EX should very clearly list the Court where the record is filed.  Most County Recorders offices have online searches which may or may not have the option to purchase the record online.  In some cases you will need to send a letter with a check.   Do a google search for the County Recorders office.  If you put your name in the search, it should pull up the records.


Are your liens Federal, State or both?  Sounds like they are unpaid.  Take it from someone who KNOWS....the absolute worst thing you can do with a tax lien is to ignore it. Do SOMETHING...TALK to them. It's VERY unlikely you will be able to get the IRS to accept an offer in compromise...VERY few are.    The IRS is generally pretty easy to deal with in terms of payment plans.   If your liens are federal, are for less than $25k and you are in a direct debit payment plan with the IRS, they *may* be willing to withdraw their notice of lien(s).

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