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Re: email address for afni

hi guys - just wanted to share my experience.


i emailed AFNI on 01/27.


i received an email reply on 01/28. they said they would delete, no payment required. the account was closed and i am no longer liable. it was an old verizon account that was sent to AFNI for collections.


they sent me a PDF copy of the letter saying this should be deleting from my credit report.


and then today, 02/04, i also recieved a hard copy in the mail.


i haven't seen it come off of any reports just yet... waiting patiently. in the meantime, i've also disputed the charge to all three credit bureaus online in hopes of getting it removed as qiuckly as possible.


good luck to others! and if you have any insight as to when i could expect it to be removed from my report, i'd appreciate it!

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