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HOW TO DEFEAT MIDLAND!!!Hi there; First you have to be extremely low key with this guy You have to ask him if would be possible to have the account settled for make up a number that you are willing to pay for but don't be greedy He will tell you that he needs to pass along with his manager and get back to you Make sure you call twice a day until you get the answer( say I'm sorry you are being so pushy) It will work at the end. Once you have the deal Type a letter with letter head, put to this person attention And MAKE SURE THE LETTER HAS: Date and time of the conversation over the phone and the amount of the agreement. In the letter pretty much beg in a nice smart way for them to remove the lines. Make your personal check on the agreed amount Make sure you write on the memo PAID IN FULL AND THE ACCOUNT # (s) In the back of the check Endorse like this: MCM AGREES TO FULLY DELETE FROM THE CREDIT BUREAUS In my case the person that deposited the check DID NOT CONTESTED on the endorsement But when I emailed the check image to this person he made me write a letter to disregard the endorsement otherwise he would return the payment. IF THAT HAPPENS DONT ARGUE JUST SIMPLY DO IT. After ask nicely for him to pleeeeeeeease be kind to update at the same day. He will do it. He told me that the lines won't be deleted but they were. And that happened with all my 3 accounts with them They just want to be the ones given the cards But who cares how many times I had to suck it up What matter is that I had done pretty fast!!! Here is the guy info: "Edit"


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