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Re: Advice needed on a collected debt and interest

Ok.  Well like mentioned earlier, I have disputed via letter, phone, and in the branch with BOA and all they did was pass me off and turn their back on me.


I could send something to the CA asking for proof as I already disputed with BOA and it is not a valid charge - however they have not been resonsive either to my enquiries.


I mean, they have not called or sent a letter to me once in the 9-10 months they have owned the account.  You would think if they had a $15,000 account unpaid they would be a bit more proactive *rollseyes*


I am convinced they are just boosting the value on my CR to really hurt my scores and hoping I will pay SOMETHING to just get it off my report knowing BOA has not been cooperative and that $15,000 current debt really hurts my score..

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