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Should I request a TL delete on 3 CO Amex accounts, or leave them?

I just read that sometimes your score can dramatically DROP by deleting a charged-off tradeline because you lose the age of that account that was contributing to your overall average age of accounts. Wondering if that might be true in my case and might be better to hault my efforts to try and get 3 CO Amex accounts deleted. All 3 Amex accounts are settled/zero balance; charged off status. I only have a total of 12 accounts on my credit history, so these 3 are a good chunk of them. I'm young (only 22) and opened these 3 accounts when I was 15, so they are among my oldest accounts. I also have a Shell gas card that I opened the same year as these Amex accounts, which I still have and is current. Aside from that, I'm a joint account holder on a 16 year old Discover card (with perfect payment history, $15K credit limit and very low utilization).

Right now, according to Credit Karma, my average account age is 8 years and 6 months (I can't remember for sure, but I think it spiked to that, up from an average age of 4 years when I was added as a joint account holder on the 16 year old Discover card). So I would guess that my average account age would take a dive if I get those (3) 7-year-old Amex accounts deleted.


Question is: Don't you think it would be better to get 3 charged-off accounts deleted (even though they were paid, which is why I think I might be able to get them deleted) as opposed to leaving them on my report for the age history?