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Re: Should I Close this account or Keep it Open?

Oyiwaa wrote:

Hello Folks - the Comenity Bank is reporting the TL below for a Blair Card, that went delinquent, but totally paid off. Even though it is paid off, the OC still kept it open and there has been no activity on the account since 2010. I have disputed and sent GW letters to remove the derogs but has not been successful. I don't want to apply for a credit increase now (and reopen the account), so is there any benefit to closing the account? Please find below the TLs as reported to EX and TU:



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Cheers, Oyiwaa

It is so small I can't read anytthing on it.


When was it opened?  If the only reason it is adverse is the lates, they will come off 7 years from each occurence.  When the last one comes off it will become a positive account and stay for up to 10 years from the date closed.


Why would you dispute it?