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What am i doing wrong?
Hi let me start by saying my credit has never been great. I have always had middle of the road credit. Ive paid off old charge offs.. i think 4 neggis on my report a late 2 years old.. a repo 2.5 years old.. and 2 paid charge offs.. now during this time ive had several cards. Get to those in a few. I have student loan ive left on just paying bare minimum for the past 10 yrs.. orchard bank for about 5 yrs.. 2 good auto loans. Ford motor nmac. Nmac also my repo.. bad divorce. No mortgage. Ok thats about my background. I currently have.

5 cap ones 3 with1550 total cl on them.. orchard sold and a discover hsbc sold to them 500 each

Paypal 700
Walmart 800
Sams club 1600
Kays 2096
Visa extra points nfl 500

My score is always around 614.. my limits are low but so are my balances i pay them every month but never see a budge in my score. I never spend more than 30% on any one but use each every month. Except kay its just in limbo ill buy a watch once a year just to report lol. I just dont know why my score isnt better. Any advice? My report looks awesome. Exvept the repo.. mainly. But 2.5 yrs it should lessen the affect. Ty.
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