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Re: What am i doing wrong?
Ohh yeh i do have a 3000 personal loan.. forgot that. Uhmn i do have some with 0 bal some with less than 9% some i use right up to 20% well my late was american airlines.. i had set up auto payment.. and they tricked me during divorce bad money period.. they said we will waive interest for 12 months and so isaid ok. Set up autopay so i figured i was good well it didnt autorenew lol.. so i was late 13th month, and by accepting no interest i had no idea that closed my account... we live an learn. I gw the late nothin they could do.. the repo is charged off.. yep a balance.. im hiding under rocks due to not wanting to receive letters from them.. lol. Avoid calls etc.. in nc i believe 3 yrs is the slipped my brain atm.. co due to fall off soon. But still seems score would be a little better. Avg age of credit is little over 3 yrs all combined according to CK no derog just past bads.
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