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Re: NCO Financial System Questions??

I am experiecing this same situation with AAFES (NCO Financial Systems) as we speak. I kept wondering why I did not receive my return as the IRS stated I would, then I found some 800# to the Treasury that stated that I had an offset to my return in the full amount. What I do not understand is that I have been faithfully making payments to my star card before and after my separation. And in the middle of my payments, I received a letter stating I was deliquent and being threatened with wage garnishment. Apparently all of my payments was being sent to the account that was not closed. My retail card was closed and account number changed, and I was never notified. Well I made payment arrangements with NCO Fin. Systems and receive a statement every month stating that there is an arrangement for payment, etc and AAFES confirms receipt of the payment, yet they still offset my return this year. What's even more strange is that they never did a wage garnishment and I have been a government employee since my separation. It makes no sense to me. Yet, the statement I received last week states that they will be debiting the payment out of my account. i was told and received in writing that as long as I made payment arrangements that my wages will not be garnished (which didn't happen) and my taxes would not be offset (which did happen). WTH!?!?!?!