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LVNV Complaint - BBB

Hello everyone,

I am new to the forum and need some guidance on LVNV funding which is the only item on my CR that is preventing me from qualifying for a mortgage.  I recently submitted a complaint to BBB regarding LVNV funding inaccurately reporting to the CRAs.  They are attempting to collect on an account that I disputed with Arrow Financial Services and with the CRAs in 2009.   After the account was investigated, it was subsequently deleted from my credit report in 2009.  I have documentation supporting the fact that the collection agency at the time attempted to validate the debt and ceased collection activity.  I also have a copy of the letter from TransUnion stating that the account was deleted from my CR.  In my complaint I requested that LVNV remove the tradelines and not to sell the account to another company.  I submitted the supporting documents to the BBB along with my complaint.  Should this be enough evidence to get the inaccurate LVNV collection removed from my CR?


Any advice is appreciated. Thanks