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Re: LVNV Complaint - BBB

guiness56 wrote:

Without knowing exactly what happened it is hard to say.  Was it fraud?


Generally, if an account is disputed and removed due to the dispute, the CRAs have to certify the account is verified before re-inserting then notify you.  However, this doesn't seem to be the case.  You filed a complaint with the BBB and the other CA agreed to delete.


Now another CA has it.  Is it on the same CR?


Any time an account is removed for a reason other than being paid it is very possible it will come back.


I initially disputed the collection with Arrow Financial Services due to inaccuracies and also disputed the account with the CRAs in 2009.  The account was never verified by the original creditor, therfore Arrow ceased collection and I received a letter from TransUnion stating that the account had been investigated and was deleted from my credit report in 2009.  LVNV says that they bought the account from Arrow Financial in 2011 and LVNV funding is now reporting as a collection on my credit report to all 3 credit bureaus.  TheThat is one of the reasons that I am filing a complaint with the BBB regarding this.  How would I know if the CRAs have certified the account as verified?  I have not received any notice from the CRAs only the appearance of LVNV on my credit reports.