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New to the forum just a few questions
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Ok so im new here i been reading for a while and i just would like a few tips from people who has been in my position before regarding rebuilding... Any tips at all would help ive read a few but i just would like to hear some pertaining to my scenerio. Here goes:


Ok so i've been cleaning up my credit alot there wasnt alot on there but it was enough to make me have a low credit score til to i have gotten alot deleted what remained is a Unsecured school loan for about $903 which was opened back in 2009 when i was in college  and a 2008 charge off account which some how i dont get its appearing twice both with 0 balances but verbiated as a charge sold account from Plains Commerce... what ive gotten off it 264 medical bill, 72 for Sprint , 126 for verizon and another 54 medical bill ..... then these credit cards i have in my signature i opened in January the FP and AFCU  the US Bank i just opened Tuesday of this week... Now heres the unique part on my Experian report i see Comcast collections up there for 942 and then 144 i disputed it because i never had comcast comes back as valid i wonder how ..


So i open my own investigation and did a little digging myself and got in contact with comcast and the collection agency between the two found out the address of teh acct and the name on the acct and social - which all were not connected to me in anyway so what do i do to get that off after 4 disputes it keeps coming back as valid the spelling of the name is Shawun and my last name with an addl letter and the SSN doesnt match mine but it keeps coming back as valid what steps do i take with this....  also it only reports to EX not EQ or TU..


Secondly i would like to know anyone that started out in my shoes and now are a head what steps did you take in progression if possible to remember..


Forgot to include that i have a installment loan open also for my car with a balance of 13,500 ...... 


Tips , Pointers , Includes , Comments id like it all .....

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