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Re: PFD Q&A, Examples, and PFD Success Stories
I had a medical collection $279 from 8/2012 and was able to negotiate a PFD with over the phone 4/10/2013, experian deleted within 2 weeks.

I had a medical collection of $50 show up 4/15/2013 from a different company which is from the samevisit last year. Apparently first bill was for the doctor only. I did receive that bill and I forgot about it which is why it went into collections. This second bill I had no knowledge of at all. I called NPAS they had my address but no apartment number, manager said they did not call me because amount was so small. They let it sit at their office 90 days with no attempt to collect and then reported. NPAS refuses to delete even though they made an error in billing. I paid Methodist Hospital the $50 but did not ask them to retract account from collections. What can I do?