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Same Cards Different Utilization on TU and EQ FICO. Confused

Hi all,


First off thanks in advance for the responses that will come in.      I owe everything in my rebuilding journey to the MyFico forums (Shogun, Guiness, etc, etc).     You can see in my signature, I've enjoyed the benefits of this community and its support network.    There really is nothing like it.  


That said, I'm a bit confused on something.     See below.


Equifax FICO


- Discover Card  -              $221/$12,700 

- Amex Charge Card -       $551

Utilization Shows at 1% as I would expect.    Amex Charge Card should not be in Utilization


Transunion FICO

- Discover Card -             $221/$12,700

- Amex Charge Card -     $551

- Amex Charge Card -     $3,310

I only have 1 Amex card, but 2 are showing up.   Same details under each of the cards so I need to figure this out.   Not sure why this is happening.


That said, Utilization is showing as 31% (the 3 above accounts/$12.700)


Why is the TU FICO including the Amex Charge Cards in Utilization?     Is this an error?  


I have no other revolving or charge card accounts on my report.



Starting Score: Sept. 2012 EX FAKO 601; EQ FICO 603; TU FICO 607
Current Score: Feb 2014 EX FICO 749; EQ FICO 744; TU FICO 763
Goal Score: 760 on all 3

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