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Road To Redemption
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Good Evening Friends,

Like so many of you I am here to pick up different tips, tricks, and advice to rebuild my credit. The last thing I want to do is pollute the forum with multiple listings of my journey so I will definately try my best to keep everything in this forum. Currently I have 7 Baddies on my credit report that I would like to remedy. Below are the items as well as the listings (in terms of lateness and when they are due to fall off on my report). If you see yourself in the same sitaution and have advice to offer please do so.

Date Opened 06/01/2005
Date Reported April 01, 2011
Date of First Delinquency: Feb., 2009
Account will remain on my report until November 2015

30 days late 1 time
60 days late 1 time
90+ days late 5 times (Aug 2009, Jul 2009, Jun 2009, May 2009, Apr 2009)

Account paid for less than full balance
Paid charge off

30 days late 1 time (Aug 2012)
60 days late 1 time (Oct 2011)

US Department of Education Date opened Sep, 2010:
90+ days late 2 times (Sep 2012, Aug 2012)

US Department of Educaion Date opened Sep, 2010:
90+ days late 2 times (Sep 2012, Aug 2012)

Suntrust Date opened Dec, 2008
Paid Charge Off/Bad Debt

Bank Of America Date opened Sep, 2008

Capital One Date opened Dec, 2005
30 days late 2 times (Mar 2010)
60 days late 1 time (Apr 2010)
90+ days late 7 times (Oct 2010, Sep 2010, Aug 2010, Jul 2010, Jun 2010, May 2010)

So far I have been successful with one Goodwill Letter to AMEX (woohoo!!!)

So any suggestions, comments, feedback would be greatly appreciated

EFX Starting Score:
589 EXP Starting Score: 622 TU Starting Score: 647
EFX Current Score:
705 on 4/16/15 EXP Current Score: 696 on 4/17/15 TU Current Score: 710 on 3/29/15
Across the board:

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