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Paid OC CA delettion
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Hi all,

So... still working hard at cleaning up some baddies.  Not sure what to do about this one...

We moved back in 2009 and thought we had paid PSE&G the entire balance remaining.  Unfortunately we moved again (3 times in the past 3 years) so we never got a statement from them.  Well, they sent it to collections and we didn't know until we pulled our credit reports mid April this year.   I called PSE&G and a customer service rep told me that amount that was due and the address to send it.  So I ran out, paid extra $ to overnight it along with a request for deletion.  They received the money and said they would notify the collections department (Mercantile Adjustment Bureau) - I'm not sure if it is a separate collections agency or if it is just a department of PSE&G.  Anyway, it took them a week to show on the account that it was paid in full.  I called and spoke with a PSE&G rep and he confirmed that they would delete the tradeline.  They said they could not send me anything in writing though.  

Then I also called Merc Adj B and a rep there said that the showed that it was paid but they don't report until the 10th of May but they would not delete because they needed an email from PSE&G.  So I called PSE&G again and spoke with a rep who said he would send an email requesting them to delete.  I called Merc adj B back a week later and they said they never got an email with a deletion request.  So after FIVE calls,(including two emails to the CEO and EVP who never responded) PSE&G is saying that they have no control over the CA and that it will just report as paid.  Now why would I have heard so many different stories?  I feel like I am a ping pong ball going back and forth and at this point I don't know what to do anymore.  Can anyone help please?  Any suggestions?

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