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Re: PFD Q&A, Examples, and PFD Success Stories
I unintentionally had a creditor report an installment loan as disputed recently. I hired a credit repair service and asked them not to dispute a certain negative item. The item was a student loan in which I had a 180 delinquency. It had since been brought current and I specifically asked Lexington Law to not send a duspute letter because it was a title iv student loan that i did not want to dispute and i also felt it was more positive than negative because of the fact that i was current more months than delinquent. They didnt keep their promises .they said they wouldn't however they still did. About 30 days later I received an alert from myfico scorewatch that my equifax score jumped up 20 points because of this item being disputed. I then checked with experian and saw that my score had jumped 37 points with them. I am a little confused because it says in this post that something that shows disputed on a credit report wil have a negative impact. But it didn't in my case so what is the deal?