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Re: PFD Q&A, Examples, and PFD Success Stories

Success!  I wrote a PFD letter for my daughter for a medical bill.  The CA listed it four times on her CR, as they listed each individual bill from the OC.  Though it was PFD letter, a check for the full balance due was included.  Like much of the advise given, the letter was personal and honest, written from point of view from a college age student.  The debt was hers and she knew it, so she paid it and asked to have it removed from the CR's.  Today it dropped from Credit Karma (yes I know it is a FAKO, but it is free).  Her score jumped 52 points with that gone! 


Such a success gives a person the positive feeling to try a few more.  I wanted to go one at a time, so we wrote one for her, one for me.  Yippee!

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