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Re: Any advice before C&D letters?

Shokk wrote:

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Cease and Desist letters will only stop them from calling or sending letters. If they are within the CRTP they can still list the debt on your credit reports. Unpaid debt never goes away and will be sold over and over again until its paid. 

Yes, but I think I see his thought patterns on this one.  Interesting, and nothing illegal or against the rules of doing this.

Exactly.  I know it doesn't go away, but if they sell, they have to remove the TL.  Assuming they do sell, I can keep this pattern going till the 7 years are up.  I'd love to do a PFD or PIF and GW to death, but everything combined is around $17 or $18k.  That would take me years,  CRTP is up on most of it in about 2 years.

Not arguing it's illegal or anything. just stating that's what a ceast and desist letter does Smiley Wink