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Re: CC Companies willing to remove paid charge off's

sjt wrote:

Larkfield wrote:

Does anyone have any experience with getting AMEX, Chase, or Citi to remove paid acccounts that have been charged off?  Currently they are at close to 5 years aging, I was just wondering at what timeframe do you just let it age off.  I see a lot of info around collection companies but not a ton on card companies.


Trying to get foot back in the door with AMEX and Chase.  Accounts are paid so I dont think Im blacklisted (hopefully)



Since the paid collections are almost 5 years old I dont think they have any impact on your scores. I bet if you did get them removed it might have a negative impact as it could reduce the AAOA.


I bet if you apply for an Amex charge you would be approved and get the benefit of backdating.



Paid or not. Charge Offs are major derogatories and can affect your score for 7 yrs.