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Re: Getting Foreclosure removed from Experian
It won't update until the dispute is over.
I have never seen/heard of an account updating while in dispute. Chances are, if you hadn't disputed, it would have updated within the next week or so.
When you dispute an account it basically "freezes" the account until the dispute is over.
They have 30-45 days to "investigate".
I would NOT call them or contact them until their time is up.


cupcake616 wrote:
Why does it take so long to get items removed from Experian?  I had a Bankruptsy almost 3 years ago, and I had a timeshare on the bankruptsy.  It was reported as a Foreclosure and that hurt my credit worse than the Bankruptsy.  I called the timeshare company and they agreed to remove the word "foreclosure" from all reports.  They contacted the credit bureaus electronically to remove this.  It was never reported on Trans Union so no problem there, Equifax removed it immediately, but Experian is taking their sweet time.  It has been over 2 weeks since this was sent, so I filed a dispute with Experian hoping that would hurry them along (the timeshare company recommended doing this, thinking this would hurry the process along) still nothing.  I am trying to buy a house and the banks have told me that as soon as this is removed, we should be able to move forward.  Meanwhile I am afraid the house I want will be sold before Experian gets in gear and gets this taken care of.  Any ideas of how to move them along?

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