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Re: GW group!

Jesedmotherof5 wrote:
I think Im going to set one day a week where I type up GW letters and send them out weekly... is that too much! Do you think they will be sick and tired of hearing from me after 52 letters? It will be easy enough to print them up... I could even do lables for the envelopes. .... ummm who wants to join me? It could be a GW support group. he he he

We need a name for this group......How do these sound?
Goodwill Hunting - a nice play off the movie. We could cast Matt Damon as our spokesperson.
Organization for Goodwill Policy (OGP) - Public lobbying firm; have contacts here in DC and Congress.
Society for GW Reform  (SGWR)
Get 'Er Done GW Optimist Club (GEDGWOC)
The County Lockup GW Club - For those of us who violated restaining orders for GWing too much.
Or how about the IOASOGWWNTNFAAAWBDUOCIF.............the International Organization and Society of GWrs Who Never Take "No" For An Answer and Won't Be Denied Until Our Credit Is Fixed. Almost catchy, but not quite.